Agile Weekly #72 - February 7, 2019
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We all want to work in teams that exhibit high performance and solve problems effectively. But while it’s often easier to understand what drives individual performance, team performance is a more complex activity. There is some great research done by folks at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Google that shows how we can make smarter teams, and …

If NPR can do hypothesis-driven development, so can you!

Ken Schwaber discusses how to scale the scrum method to groups of 20 to 100 software developers using three to nine scrum teams.

by John Micco At Google, we run a very large corpus of tests continuously to validate our code submissions. Everyone from developers to pr...

by Karen Kimsey-House, CEO & Co-founder, CTI For many years, we resisted the numerous requests to create a definition of Co-Active because we didn’t want to create something dogmatic. However, after an iterative process of conversations with our amazing CTI faculty and those involved with Meet the Model, we final

Five ways to build trust.

Toxic employees with political skills are more highly rated by their supervisors.

You can’t be a coach by resting on one idea. To a very real extent, there is no “craft” of coaching. There are a lot of Agile coaches out there who have never built a single piece of software and a…

An agile coach helps organizations implement the agile methodology by developing agile teams and facilitating the organizational culture change necessary for sustained agile success.

Shut up and ship it.
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